We can’t do this without you. Even before we open the doors of a permanent home, we will need our whole community to help guide our path. From the Elders, storytellers and knowledge-bearers who will teach us which lessons to share, to the artists, craftspeople and businesses who will help shape our vision into reality, to the children who share their hopes for all this place can be. There is a role for everyone in bringing the Alaska Children’s Museum to life.



there are many ways to get involved!

If you have questions or would like to partner with us on a project or event, contact info@alaskachildrensmuseum.org.


building fund

We’re raising money for a start-up space in Anchorage. We’re a small, dedicated group of volunteers working out of our homes to bring a children’s museum experience to Anchorage. 

donate to building

general donations

Donations help us to continue hosting admission-free pop up events. They cover operating costs, tents, staffing, supplies, admin costs, new toys and exhibits, payments to artists and guest presenters, and more!